Friday, November 8, 2013

Times They Are A' Changing

Oh, no!
 My mom bought some stuff today to freshen her Christmas decor.
That means only one thing . . . 

She's gonna dress me in stupid sillies for winter walks!
 First, my Kate Davies Peerie Flooers.

 Next, my Red Riding Hood for the Christmas pantomime.

 Now, I'm Bob Cratchit sporting Malabrigo.

 My Widow Twanky look in Madeline Tosh for yet another panto.

 A Kaffe Fasset design for carol signing.

 My mom said they're making The Lion King into a panto.

And finally, I might test for the winter scenes in Dr. Zhivago.
 I call this my Verrichino.

I'll bet this is going to be another stupid silly.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Never mind Bun at least you will be warm