Sunday, November 10, 2013

Have Faith

 Last night as I was watching Breaking Bad for the second time ( I know . . . ) and knitting away on Sally Melville's L'Enveloppe . . . 

I thought it wise to lay out what I'd done

and compare it to the schematic.

Great sadness washed over me as I realized the two images were nothing alike. I didn't think any amount of creative folding could transform what I had into what Sally drew. Hub gave me his condolences for my loss, then quickly left the room because he hates witnessing 

   Fingers poised at the rip-ready position, I stopped and thought maybe, 
just maybe,
I could contact Sally.

I emailed her this.

Although she was in a hotel somewhere and it was well after 10 PM, she quickly responded, gave me kind words of encouragement and updated her pattern to include a schematic of the knitted fabric before it is folded.

What a girl you are, Ms Sally!
I had to sit right down and blog about it.

Have faith. Knitting will unfold as it should.

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