Sunday, October 12, 2014

It's So Easy to Fall in Love . . .

The Bandit is coming along . . .

 20" of the required 31"

 a very nubbly fabric

 that's warm and soft. 
But, wait! What's this?

 It's Rowan Felted Tweed diverting my attention, 
forcing me to begin Mist from Rowan Magazine #26.
(thanks a lot, Julie)

And Churchmouse isn't helping! 
Their new releases are making me break out in a cold sweat and
 setting my head spinning.
It must be love.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Documenting a Bandit

Lisa Richardson's cowl Bandit is so eye-catching that it graces the front and back
of the pattern book.

 9 balls of Thick 'n' Thin and . . .

 2 of Fur is all that's required for this little gem.

 Typically, I thought the cowl was worked from the bottom up and concern grew 
 when I realized it was going to be too small. Was I on gauge? Yes.

 Duh! Reading all the instructions helps. 
The cowl is knitted from side to side.

 There is an 8 row pattern repeat, but the stitches appear to be random  
because of the varied twists to the yarn.

Stay tuned.