Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Spa Baby

     Hmmm . . . 
 Same paws, if a bit more wooly,

 same tail,

 same nose,

 same tags,

 same eyelashes.

 But, wait! What's this?

A new Lady Gaga?


life ldc said...

What, no bandana?

Bunny, you look marvellous as usual!

helen-mary said...

Candice, a friend sent me a link to your blog. I have the same dog. Well, maybe not THE same, but, you know? Her name is Sadie. Love your blog - you have an interesting sense of humour. I think I need me one of those bunnies.

Candice said...

Gee, thanks for visiting my blog. . . . and leaving a comment. I got Bunny from a breeder out your way, I think. Those Doodles really are special and they bring so much silliness to your life.