Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Old Armoury

Originally built for the local militia as a base to oppose the Fenian raids in the 1860s, the Georgetown Old Armoury was the longest serving armoury in Ontario ending its duty as home to C Company of the Lorne Scots 1997. Soon after it began to deteriorate and was scheduled for demolition in 2008.

Globe Productions decided it was perfect for their theatre needs and bought it in 2010.  To date over $450,000 has been raised towards The Old Armoury Project.

The 5,000 square feet of uninterrupted interior space was designed by Walter Moberly, a CPR engineer using his experience building bridges.

At the end of the renovations there will be a 120 seat auditorium with a movable stage. The space will also be available to other community groups.

A costume room, a kitchen, offices and a multipurpose room are also part of the structure.
Another $100,000 is needed to complete flooring and heating upgrades.

What better way is there to respect and preserve the past than by embracing The Old Armoury as a vibrant part of Georgetown community life.

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