Saturday, June 15, 2013

A Date with D

Friday was date day . . .  lunch in the village of Alton.

Ray's 3rd Generation Bistro Bakery became our destination.

There are indoor and outdoor eating areas in this cute little place.

Of course, we started with a good mug of coffee.

D plumped for a meat and onion pie . . . 

  . . . and a tuna sandwich on Marathon bread for me. Yum.

Across the street is the Alton Mill Arts Centre  . . .

on the beautiful banks of Shaw's Creek.

Like so many old mills this one now houses artists' studios and galleries.

William Algie built the mill in 1881 with large windows as part of his plan to provide the best of working conditions. 

Algie's Beaver Knitting Mill produced fleece-lined long underwear.

In 1935 Fredrick Stubbs of the Western Rubber Co. bought the property and manufactured all things rubber including balloons, rubber gloves and condoms. That last contract was VERY lucrative during World War Two.

In the 1990s Jordan and Jeremy Grant saw the possibilities of the derelict building and with the support of Headwaters Arts and the Town of Caledon created a place worth visiting. Doors opened in 2009.
Check out for more information.

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