Friday, August 1, 2014

Road Trip to The Needle Emporium

 Tuesday's trip to Ancaster, Ontario began with 

 four knitters doing lunch and

  all ordering the same thing.

 The Needle Emporium was as glorious as ever and

  I bought yarn for two 'small' projects.

 Winding one of the Zen skeins resulted in this mess. 
So, I contacted Julie and 

 this arrived today.

 You're the best, Julie!
Hey! Wait! What's lurking in the background?

Why it's my second ostrich in ink resist.
 I couldn't resist.


life ldc said...

You are a renaissance woman! Yes, Julie is fabulous!

Candice said...

Renaissance woman! Oh, my! Really just someone with time to pursue her interests. You know what I mean, Feats.