Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Showers

 Carmen Miranda is ready for Saturday's bridal shower.

 Wool for the next shower gift arrived Monday 
from The Needle Emporium.

 It'll be a baby blanket.
 Grey, you say?

 Certainly, if the pattern is named this.

 Within the hour of arrival a skein was wound . . . 

 and the blanket begun.

Gale is a future focus. It calls for a chunky weight . . .

 but, Gale seems to cry out for Spud & Chloe's worsted Sweater.
Does this look chunky to you?
Maybe . . .


shevaun said...

You made the hat!!! I'm so impressed! It's fabulous!

Candice said...

Tee hee, Shevan. I guess it could be a hat, but actually it is a tea cosy!