Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Another Characteristic

Unfortunately, last Friday Bunny displayed another characteristic of a 5 year old. Somehow, somewhere she was exercising her sense of physical power and sprained her knee. Ever the stoic, she didn't tell anyone.

She limped quite noticeably, but could walk it out.
 However, following a quiet time she'd get up only to limp again.

She took to standing on the tip toes of her right leg 
so I wouldn't become overly frantic.

She never went off her food . . . 

 and continued to eat with gusto knowing that would keep me calm.

But, she preferred to lie on her 'good' leg,

to protect the hurt knee from added pressure.

Here's hoping 5 ( hey, 5! ) days of meds does the trick.

She can still have her walks, but no ball chasing for awhile.
Oh, Bunny . . . 

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life ldc said...

Poor Bunny.....Lackie and Daisy and I hope you get ebtter soon!