Friday, February 5, 2016

De - Kaffe - ing

Three years ago this month while at a Stitchtopia weekend in Wyboston, UK, I quilted with Kaffe Fassett and Brandon Mably. 
The workshop was packed and time was short. No opportunity to sew, just choose and cut the fabrics and decide on their placement.
 The fabric bits and the batting were rolled up and sent back home.
I guess I thought I was going to finish it.
Silly me.

 Untouched for three years this is the first reveal.

 I'll salvage the large squares . . .

and chuck the rest . . .

 but what I'm really after is the batting . . . 

 because storage pods are calling.


life ldc said...

3 years? Amazing!

Candice said...

Yup, 2013 it was.

Karen said...

Interesting, I have not seen anything like the storage pods. At least you have a good repurpose for the batting!

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