Sunday, March 22, 2015

Life's Not Fair

 I'm a cross between a Golden Retriever and Standard Poodle.

 I'm supposed to chase things,

 like that rabbit in the garden on Thursday.

It's not fair that I pull a muscle doing what comes naturally. 

 So, I go from my blankey downstairs 
to my blankey upstairs

 waiting to feel better.

 It's not happening.

Sigh . . . may as well sleep.


life ldc said...

Poor Bunny.......

helen-mary said...

Oh, poor puppy. Maybe an extra treat???

wendy hadley said...

Those wretched rabbits!

Candice said...

Thank you, ladies. My mom took me to the vet who prescribed an anti-inflammatory and rest for 5 days. Oh . . . and he gave me treats when I was in his office for being such a brave girl.

shevaun said...

Awww, poor little baby.