Thursday, September 4, 2014

Catch Up

 Katja is patiently waiting for further attention and

 I have committed to knitting that Rowan hood/cowl thingy for Feat's blog, but

 I have finished Auburn Waves in Freia and 

the 3 S Shawl in Malbrigo. Love those picots.

 Brooklyn Tweed's visuals are always alluring, so

 I ordered the Churchmouse Yarns kit to make the scarf. 

The colours are interesting but, I'm not keen on the yarn.
 Too rustic for my taste. 
However, I knew that before starting the project.

 I didn't know how little of each of the 5 balls would be used. 
These are left overs of two sections I've completed.

This is ridiculous.

1 comment:

life ldc said...

Excellent orojects all! That Vector is stunning...but you know you don't like those BT rustic for you.....I have been looking for a pattern for some nice cashmere though..... :)