Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Once in a Lifetime, Hopefully

The ice storm began Friday night December 20.
At first, the transformation was quite interesting . . .

. . . but, devastation quickly followed.

We were without electrical power for 5 days, but we survived.
However, the ice burdened trees suffered harm beyond repair.
The coming Spring will tell the tale.


life ldc said...

Those beautiful birches....yes, this is so sad.....

Flora said...

Yes very sad indeed ,I have a couple of trees in my yard that we planted about 35 years ago ,they have been through many a hurricane and none the worse for it, thank goodness . Their canopy is my shade in the heat of summer and I can see it's leaves cast dancing shadows on my wall as I write this .
I hope your trees survive. Blessings,Flora