Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Day After

 I'm so very tired from entertaining my friends (yawn) . . .

 and there has been an ice storm (boring) . . .

 and the annual G and M crossword was published today (double boring) . . . 

 but, I'm kind of waking up now and I want to play. . . 

and standing on my shoulder always makes me feel better.

Four more sleeps till you know what!

Letter to Santa

Even though Great Uncle Dave immigrated to Twyford UK he still had time to write his letter to Santa.

A copy of the letter arrived at my unbirthday party last night.

Credit to Wendy Kerr Hadley, MOG,
future recipient of the Nobel Prize for Literature.

UPDATE . . .
Great Uncle David has made contact with Peter Rabbit and they are currently plotting the downfall of 
Mr. McGregor.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Announced By All the Trumpets of the Sky Arrives the Snow

 All night it fell to a full inches seven

 from the high and lofty roof of heaven.

 All woke earlier from the unaccustomed brightness

 and marvelled at the icy dazzling whiteness.

Alright already! Where's me breakfast?

with help from Ralph Waldo Emerson
Robert Bridges

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

She Can't Help It

Here I sit, under my blankie that looks like me, waiting for a brush, but . . . 

Mom's at it again!
Espace Tricot has the allure of Free Pattern Fridays.
AND . . . 

 Miss Foxy wants to enter a beauty contest.
AND . . . 

Kristin's Christmas calls.
AND . . . 

 Mom needs to see Colourspun knitted up.
AND . . .

With Ravelry only a click away . . .
I guess I'm just another UFO.

Sunday, December 8, 2013


     Johnny . . . 
                                                                                                                            we hardly knew ye.

The Big Sniff

 C'mon, Mom. Outta your night-nights and let's go for a walk.

It's a lovely frosty morning. Perfect for a big sniff.

 Got treats?

 Alrighty, then. First this pole . . . 

 and next the stands.

 Oh, yah, two poles side by side.

 That's not me.

 I aim to please.

We're entering rabbit country . . .

 and playground country.

 I'm safe.

 I know wee vermin skulk near trees . . .

 and along fences.

 Playing "silly buggers"

 is always rewarded.

 Heading up to the home bend.

 No time for sniffing now. 

 But, just in time for an early "elevensies".

Mom, can we go out?

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Erin, Ontario

 About 20 minutes north is the small village of Erin . 

 The store fronts are dressed every year for Christmas. 
The reveal happens at night and is quite magical.

 Even with the lack of snow . . . 

 there is still that 'feeling' in the air.

 We walk to one end of the street . . .

and stroll back to the other

for a bit of refreshment.

Following a low light day, this was the sunset.
Go figure.

Oh, My!

 Have you ever wondered what pipers wear under their kilts 
on a cold Canadian morning?
Yup, bicycle shorts.

In this year's round of Christmas parades the Sandhill Pipes and Drums Band 
is dressing as ZZ Top.
Oh . . . 
This is a Santa Claus costume.
My mistake.