Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Big Sniff

 C'mon, Mom. Outta your night-nights and let's go for a walk.

It's a lovely frosty morning. Perfect for a big sniff.

 Got treats?

 Alrighty, then. First this pole . . . 

 and next the stands.

 Oh, yah, two poles side by side.

 That's not me.

 I aim to please.

We're entering rabbit country . . .

 and playground country.

 I'm safe.

 I know wee vermin skulk near trees . . .

 and along fences.

 Playing "silly buggers"

 is always rewarded.

 Heading up to the home bend.

 No time for sniffing now. 

 But, just in time for an early "elevensies".

Mom, can we go out?

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life ldc said...

In a minute Bunny......