Saturday, October 19, 2013

Practise What you Preach

In the 17 days since my uncle died Hub and I have spent most of that time  . . . 

 and cleaning.

57 years in one house is not good for anyone,
 especially those left behind who have to sort through. 

So, being a rainy day and with Hub at the house painting, I thought I'd tackle my yarn stash again. I have really cheap, nasty yarn I bought when I re-entered the wonderful world of knitting about 25 years ago. No Rowan here!

You know the stuff . . . 

Off to the Sally Ann.

I will be keeping 2 projects in their home downstairs
 (which really means I probably won't touch them, but can't pitch them yet)

 When we bought this house 4 years ago I had a Stash Cupboard built upstairs. Clever girl.

The plan was to store current projects out of sight, but in an organized manner. Admirable idea.

Hmmm . . . Well . . . they're at least in project containers.
Tomorrow . . . 


Unknown said...

So glad I am not alone

Unknown said...

So lad I am not alone in my stash system