Friday, June 10, 2011

Well, I've been back from my yoga retreat in Italy for a little over a week now and I'm ready for another adventure. I love my home and my dog . . . and of course my hubby, but I guess it must be the Sagittarian in me that makes me seek other horizons. Anyway, Florence, Siena and Rome each had its own charm and are certainly places to return to, but I think Tuscany is a little over rated. It was a welcomed respite for the yoga retreat, but it is not all that dissimilar to cottage country in Ontario - forests, hills, dusty back roads. I guess I should acknowledge the Tuscan farmhouses for their beauty and quaintness, however, agrotourism is a bit of a sell job.

So, of course, my two (!) batteries went dead on the third day in Italy and I didn't have a Euro charger.

Upon my return home I found the morning doves' nest had been raided, but a robin had laid eggs in a nest near the back door and is raising three babies there. They're at the stage where their eyes are opening and they flap their wings when a parent approaches. It takes a lot not to get a ladder and go and give them kisses. I think they probably have another 5-7 days in the nest.

I'm back to playing around with getting pictures on this blog, so here's hoping . . .


Julie said...

I hope your retreat was amazing! It's always nice to be back home after some time away.

life ldc said...

I think it's time to resurrect this blog, what with your new camera and all!