Monday, March 28, 2011

Ahhh, Mighty Aphrodite. It's funny how different things resonate. I often feel that a Greek Chorus is around me when I'm out walking. Not quite like Woody's chorus, but there is definitely some kind of soundtrack or movie track or something that fills the mind that is not occupied. Don't worry. The voices don't direct me toward evil doings. They are like an interior loop of conversations or songs or scripts that play for free. No iPod needed here.

Stephanie at Tiny Owl Knits has a Snow White video on today's post that has jogged some long silent memories on my playlist. We had a chuckle about not having many memories of the prince in the movie, but rather strongly recall Snow's relationship with the animals of the forest. I wonder if anyone remembers another Disney movie called Bambi. Do you remember when he meets the skunk for the first time what the skunk says? "You can call me flower, if you want to."


Susan Luni said...

Candice, I remember the skunk-the scene replayed in my mind when I read your description. As far as the mittens, find yourself a copy of the Fall Vogue Knitting issue with the cabled mittens on the cover, it's either 2007 or 08. The pattern I used is in it; the blue ones. Start swatching-the cuff is the same except I used different yarn and only 5 repeats, not 6. I can send you the charts next week when I'm reunited with my laptop.

Susan Luni said...

Hi Candice, I will need your e-mail to send you the charts. Or snail mail if you prefer.
My contact info is in my blogger profile, my blog is 3 sleeves.