Monday, February 16, 2015

Mayhem Monday

It always begins very innocently.

I bring the Boneless Wonder into the kitchen and . . . 

ask sweetly, "Do you wanna play?"


Then Pinky is dangled in my face. 

I like Pinky. I wanna sniff and kiss her, but then . . . 

  the urge to cause some serious damage overwhelms me!

 And suddenly I remember it's Mayhem Monday!
No more Mr. Nice Guy.

I manage a decent grip . . .

give Pinky a first-class shake . . .

and try to rip her head right off!

What am I doing? 
Have I lost my mind?
 I love Pinky.
Hmm . . . seems there's something else looking for trouble.

Ha! It's Tiger Tim.
Get over here, you, and prepare to meet your maker.

 Don't you hate when this happens?